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  Chapter 197 Dead end

"He feels that the next step for a top star refiner should not be to integrate his own will into the atomic will in order to resonate with the atomic will. He believes that the personal will is the real core and integrated into the atomic will. If one day, The star **** died, and the atomic will fell into silence, how will the star refiners deal with themselves?"

When Su Mai said this, he shook his head: "That kind of great existence, even if the burning sun above the sky cannot match its majesty, how could it possibly perish? Even if the sun goes out, his brilliance will still last forever. Shining on the galaxy above our heads."

   "He hasn't succeeded so far?"

   Li Mi asked.

   "How can it be successful?"

Su Mai said in a dumb voice: "You must completely match your personal will with your own body to form a force field that belongs to the individual life, and then use this force field to integrate into the star force field, dominate the stars, and use the star force field to temper and polish yourself in reverse. The life force field in the body transforms the life force field into a star force field, until a star with a force field that can stimulate stars is formed in the body... This is simply a fantasy."

He sighed a little: "It's not a bad thing to be prepared for danger in times of peace. Many star refiners have all kinds of worries about that great star god, and even spawned all kinds of strange conspiracy theories, but they don't think about it. The vast and boundless Star God, how insignificant are we human beings in his eyes? It is so insignificant that they may not know our existence at all."

  He glanced at Li Mi: "It's like you are now, successful and famous, with a net worth of billions. Would you go to a remote village in Yanzhou to grab a banana from a young man named Ao Debiao?"

  Li Mi did not reply.

   And Su Mai also said to himself: "And the gap between our entire human civilization and the star gods is bigger than the gap between that banana and your entire wealth."

   “Being creative is always a good thing.”

   Li Mudao.

   "If you really want to be brave in innovation, you should continue to move forward along the path of the legendary star refiner, instead of stopping at the stage of the top star refiner."

As Su Mai said, his tone paused: "Forty years have passed since the birth of the first legendary star refiner! Forty years, the road above the legend has not yet been opened, even if the legends of the six poles of the world have discussed and negotiated again and again, In common, people still haven't seen the road ahead! However, the evolution of ferocious beasts and monsters has become more and more ferocious... No one knows whether there is something more fierce than legend hidden somewhere in the deep mountains and swamps, as well as in the depths of the vast ocean. Beasts, more powerful species of monsters, human beings...if we don't speed up our evolution...the situation will become more and more difficult."

   The legends discussed and discussed together to find a way out.


  In this world, although there is competition among the six extremes of the world, battles at the legendary level or even at the level of great star masters rarely break out.

   It has been ten years, and no legend has died in the human race.

   And on a fallen legend...

   Not even falling because of vendetta or personal grievances, but to use the power of another person to oppress and try the realm above the legend, and sacrifice for seeking Tao.

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  The next afternoon.

  Su Mai came again, carrying a special box in his hand.


  He smiled and took out this special box, and soon, inside, three treasures exuding star power fluctuations appeared in Li Mu's vision.

   "A ring made of platinum essence, a bracelet made of soul gems, and a necklace made of sky orbs, the three-piece set of top starware you want."

  He introduced.

  Top star device!

   This is not a high-level star tool that is hardly difficult to refine.

   Every piece of top starware can be regarded as a strategic material in Taibai, including top powers like Tianyuan. Without enough connections, it is impossible to buy it on the market.

  If it weren’t for the fact that Li Mi might win the first place in the world, bring great glory to the Taibai Kingdom, and hope to be accepted as a disciple by Fu Qingtian, the most powerful Tianyuan...

  Even if Fu Qingtian no longer accepts disciples, and just asks people to follow him to practice, that is also a supreme honor.

If it weren't for these factors, plus the fact that the Taibai Kingdom had to show enough sincerity to keep Li Mi in Taibai, even as the Prince of Sumai, they would never have thought of bringing out these three star artifacts and handing them over to Li Mi for use. .

  Li Mi put on the three star vessels one by one.


  The greatly enhanced perception, and even the feeling that the whole world became clear came to my heart.

"very good."

   Li Mudao.

   "You take this set of star equipment and use it first. Tomorrow will be a new round of competition. We look forward to your wonderful performance then."

  Su Mai urged heavily.

  Li Mi nodded.

   Finally, I can use this stellar device without restrictions...

  It's time for him to sort out his own state with the help of a substantial strengthening of his perception and spirit.

  (end of this chapter)

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