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My mood is extremely complicated. After such a long time and so long planning, everything turned out to be wrong.

I asked her to meet and wanted to have a good talk, but she still looks weird, she has really changed a lot, she no longer likes to drink bitter coffee, she likes the sweet taste, she said, life is so bitter, don’t eat it anymore How about something sweet?

At that moment, I felt very uncomfortable, and I had to admit that I caused her miserable life by myself.

When I told her that I already knew the truth, she finally put away her cynicism and splashed hot coffee on my face, she said she would not forgive, she said, let me experience what is called The family is broken.

I panicked.

My mother is my only relative in this world, and I don't allow anyone to do harm to my mother.

Soon, she did what she said and joined forces with the Huo family to deal with me.

The Zhang family's business plummeted, and the stock fell even more. The loss was more than tens of millions?

As soon as my mother couldn't afford it, she dragged her ailing body to beg her. Although she was not as harsh on her mother as she was on me, she was still unwilling to give in.

My mother fainted, and she whispered softly in my ear, "Don't you know why I have so much evidence, but I didn't send you to prison?"

that moment.

I just realized how much she hates me! She wants to torture me with her own hands!

The loss of the Zhang Group is gradually out of my control.

another. I had to choose to compromise and found her. I

to be to let me be her male

since I was a child, but it was the first time I cooked for her,

I made myself, but she

she was eating, and when she ate what I made, there was

witch, I

the huge villa by myself, and each meal requires different

up beautifully and asked me

said it was smoky and the people there were not good or bad.

and even made such a dress, the unhappiness

so I waited outside the door all night, I was worried about

and wanted to go in to find

and what she

was looking for me desperately, but she didn't know me. I felt

I had

In my dream, I really wanted to go home, I wanted to find my lover, I

more people

mountain of corpses, but my

I would dream that in a house, there was a young woman

eyes of that young woman, of my husband

separation between the two, but no matter what I do, nothing

be a voice echoing in my

woman's shadow

from that young woman,

the stars in the sky and shed two lines of tears. Who is the sky

the bits and

know each other, it is clear that we are

it will affect my heart. Even if Shan Gaofei is present, as

the unwillingness in my

people, is that

think of that memory, and I was longing in my heart, longing

by her side, I want

her out from time

her attention, but what he waited

the hospital. She didn't want to watch my family fall

know the truth, I was a little helpless in the face of my

to drive Shan Gaofei away, but this

she would not restrict

realized that this woman,

had that kind of relationship with Huo Yunxi. I couldn't help being surprised, but as she said, the

engagement to her

I was so surprised that she actually wanted to trap me in this way, I couldn't help but want to ask her why, because she loves me, or simply wants to torture me.

But I and her are still the same as before, and a few words have turned into anger and roaring.

I finally called out her last life's name, she left without looking back, she still can't remember, she doesn't love me...

In addition to my heartache, I was a little lucky.

At least, the decades of time I spent with her in my previous life, the unmoving relationship between husband and wife would always make her change.

Shan Gaofei escaped my control, went to find her privately, and made a big fuss with the entire Xiang Group. I put my arms around her and told this woman who didn't know the heights of heaven and earth, that she and I were made in heaven, and we were in love with each other.

When she got engaged, her mother gave her the family heirloom, and when she received it, her smiling eyes narrowed.

Seeing her so happy, I was also very happy. Amid all the booing, she took the initiative to kiss my lips. Her lips are very cold, different from my fiery temperature, I suddenly want to just kiss her quietly to warm her up.

She drank a lot of wine and held my hand tightly, and I also held her hand, not wanting to be separated from her.

She looked so beautiful when she was drunk, at Xiang's house, under the moonlight, I was actually insane looking at her.

Only through her drunken words did I know that she had already remembered everything.

She was crying in my arms like a child.

Unraveling the knot in my heart is the only thing I am happy about in the past few years. She is finally willing to try to forgive me and accept me.

We went to the United States to start a new life, and my mother's condition gradually improved. Two years later, we held a grand wedding. At the wedding scene, we exchanged our vows.

We embrace each other and continue our relationship in this life.

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